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 "The Last Refuge of Race Treason is Wrapped in the Flag of Patriotism."

Richard G. Butler              

Sword of Truth

"Knowing the Judgment of God"
April 13th 2014 

A Word From the Imperial Wizard


Announcing: For the First Time in Over 12 Years, Aryan Nations Teutonic Unity  Press is Once Again Bringing You “Calling Our Nation”  and the Church of Jesus Christ Christian Prisoner Outreach Program Presents “The Way” Both Full Sized Magazine Format In All Their Former Glory.

Annual Subscription For Both Magazines in One Package: $50 United States, $55 Canada, $70 Europe and POW’s $35. Of Course Dues Paying Members Receive Theirs Included with their Membership.

Send Check or Money Order To;

Aryan Nations World Headquarters

Post Office Box 282 Converse, Louisiana 71419